About Our Workshops

Our workshops are conducted in Spanish & English with several goals intended to

Immerse students in the exploration of what it means to be an artist belonging to a disaporic background.

To show students how to develop these inclinations & use them as tools of intense self-expression by being very specific. If the strengths are writing, what kind of writing? poetry? rhyming? spoken word? fiction? what genres? painting: abstract? realistic? Mixing art mediums can be freeing. How can we show students to take themselves seriously as artists, & take their emotions just as seriously?

Our model was developed and based on Based on Ariana Ochoa Camacho’s (PhD) “ALAS: Adolescent Latinas Advancing Salud mental through Storytelling”

Guide students to learn what their artistic strengths are.

To find the ways art participates in our sense of self and contribute to a portrait of a peoples from the same diaspora. This program seeks to move students to explore and express their stories through different artistic forms using an anti-colonial framework. The workshop seeks to help attendees cultivate an eye and love for art as a life-long tool for expression, & connection as a form of Resistencia. Once students gain emotional tools to improve relationship to self through liberating self- expression.

Reframe/flip self-narrative.

Many of these students have been told who they are by the State. Their identities have been reduced to their mistakes or their “master status.” Mental health is all about our relationship to the self/soul. In the past we examined Yolanda Lopez’ auto-retratos, and portraits of the women in her family.

Gain Publishing, Editing & Curating Skills.

By the end of the course, students will have written, edited, and published a small book—chapbook—and organized a reception of visual works that tell their own stories.

Past Facilitators:

Andrea Muñoz Martinez, is an abstract painter of borderland landscapes, from Uvalde. She is an alumnus of the U.C. Davis MFA program.

Claude Delfina Cardona, San Antonio based poet, educator, and author of What Remains.

Juania Sueños, Zacatecan poet, and cofounder of the Infrarrealista Review. Her work has appeared in Sybil Journal, The Skinkbeat Review, Acentos Review, & Porter House Review. She is currently a fellow with the Texas After Violence, After Visions program.

Jeffrey Charles Stanley, interdisciplinary artist based in New York City and Brownsville, Texas. His work combines video and objects to build stories and environments with feelings about ecology, and humanity.

Anthony Isaac Bradley is an educator, poet, and film & literary critic. His work has appeared in Prairie Schooner, Coachella Review, and other lovely places. He’s a two-time Pushcart Prize nominee. He lives with his cat and the ghost of another. He is the Reviews Editor at Infrarrealista Review.

Thank you to past sponsors

Burdine Johnson Foundation

The Center for the Study of the Southwest

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